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All That Remains

Supported by the Lien Foundation, ampulets designed the new comic book by James Tan on stories about dementia, and wrote 3 stories of families and medical practitioners in relation to dementia.  Lien Foundation and James Tan published also a Chinese version in 2019. 

Flor's Obi-Two

  For Flor's baked delicacies and gift boxes, ampulets continued the Obi approach and designed one inspired by the action of whisking. They are also reminiscent of fireworks in the night sky, ripples on a lake or the rays of a full moon.  Here, the packaging is paired for Flor Patisserie's newest creation, Yam Moon Cakes.

You can take a break

This animation, exhibition and installation project was commissioned by Lien Foundation for the "Personally Speaking" show organised by Objectifs Centre for Film and Photography.

Flor's Obi

Image by Flor Patisserie Our client Flor Patisserie wanted to launch a new series of products that encapsulated what they were best known for: honest baking with great ingredients. 

Circle of Giving

The Nanyang Technological University's "Circle of Giving" reaches out to alumni and potential donors to give to the university.

Cush Cush Gallery

The vision for CushCush Gallery in Bali by its founding studio is for a space that would facilitate collaborations in contemporary art and design.  Its visual identity reflects this intent in the seamless connection within the acronym CCG, without losing the distinct form of each alphabet. The sense of movement in the circular forms mimics the energy of a spring, a metaphor for the gallery and the conversations and opportunities it aims to create. Year of Project: 2016

Colour Harmony

Colour Harmony is an art installation project by visual artist/ photographer Ernest Goh, for WOHA Architects' Kampung Admiralty.

Nice Day

"Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Nice Day." is a series of patches and caps featuring our favourite food in the neighbourhood! We are proud that all the caps are made in Singapore. These designs were launched at Singaplural 2017 and retailed subsequently at the National Gallery & Co shop.

Sunny Island Set in the Sea

Image by Gallery & Co. Singapura, oh Singapura, sunny island set in the sea Singapura, oh Singapura, pretty flowers bloom for you and me This vision of Singapore as some kind of tropical utopia exists only in song. For us, it's just Hot Hot Hot!